The Matrix [I]

The Matrix Reloaded [II]


The Matrix Revolutions [III]

he Matrix Soundtrack Jukebox includes the
official movie score composed by Don Davis
and the complete list of songs and tunes that
were employed in this motion picture

You can listen to those songs as streaming
audio, each in two different qualities for dial-up users and for visitors who are using a broadband connection.

If you need some plugin to enjoy these audio
files, then you can download them from the
links provided at the bottom of this page.

The Matrix Soundtrack

The Matrix Reloaded Soundtrack



This second installment of the Matrix Trilogy is about to be released in theaters all over the World beginning with The US and some others on May 15th, 2003.

Until then, only an incomplete list of songs, used in this movie is known and available and can be enjoyed here.

As soon as the movie is released, the missing tunes and the entire movie score, again done by Don Davis, will be uploaded to this place.

The third installment of the Matrix Trilogy is still in post-production and will have its theatrical release worldwide on November 7, 2003 according to official sources.

So far there is no reliable information available about the soundtrack and movie score. Once that happens, information and tunes will be added this site.

The Matrix Revolutions Soundtrack


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The Matrix Revisited (Documentary by Josh Oreck)

Download Windows Media Player

The Matrix Revisited Soundtrack

This documentary about the Making of the first
installment of the Matrix Trilogy - The Matrix -
was done by Josh Oreck and includes a
special section about Matrix fans, which you
should check out.

The Soundtrack or better said, the tunes
used for the Making of Revisited are to be
found on the The Matrix Revisited DVD, which
includes an amazing 40 songs. You can listen
to them here in streaming audio format.
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